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Examkrackers Live MCAT Hotline
Live MCAT Help online from an MCAT Expert
$500 for a 1 month-subscription
$1200 for a 3 month-subscription
10 hours per week
9pm to 11pm EDT – Sunday through Thursday
Personalized answers to your MCAT questions

Active problem solving is the best way to prepare for answering questions on the MCAT.

Examkrackers is now offering this exclusive service – Live MCAT Help online from trained MCAT experts, five nights per week.

The Examkrackers Live MCAT Hotline allows you to ask questions on demand using an online chat module with video. Ask questions and receive advice from our high-scoring MCAT experts about MCAT science and Examkrackers passages and questions. You will have your questions answered as they come up – best for effective learning and preparation. Our hotline experts are MD/PhD level instructors with high MCAT scores, teaching experience, and in-depth first-hand knowledge of the new MCAT. These are the same people who teach our highest-scoring classes and write our best-selling MCAT practice materials. The Examkrackers Live MCAT Hotline is a great resource whether you are using the Home Study Schedule or taking the Examkrackers Comprehensive Course.

The Examkrackers Live MCAT Hotline allows you to:
Receive personalized answers to your questions from the convenience of your own home.
Solve MCAT problems and receive guidance from live experts in real time
Stay motivated and on time as you prepare for the MCAT.
Use our built-in video, chat and whiteboard features to interact with the MCAT Expert
Study actively and benefit from the answers to others’ questions.
Learn to think like an MCAT expert so you can score like one!

This exclusive service is an essential part of your MCAT preparation through Examkrackers.

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